Trophy Elk Hunts

Trophy Elk HuntingIn the distance you hear the bugling of a Bull Elk and start with your own bugling to bring your prey closer. In no time, the encounter becomes reality as you stand a mere 50 yards away from the most magnificent animal you have ever seen. As you ready your rifle, your muscles tighten…your heart starts to race…you fire. The animal turns to run, but it’s too late. After a short battle, it accepts its fate.

Unfortunately, with the difficulty of obtaining a permit to hunt Elk or even finding a quality trophy Bull Elk with a good guide, this story will never become reality for most hunters. In fact, only 4% of the people who go Elk hunting out west ever bag a Trophy Elk. We've had a 100% success rate with Elk hunts for 40 years! Compare that to hunting out west.

In addition, High Adventure Ranch is home to one of the finest herds of Trophy Elk in the United States. By maintaining a quality breeding program where we continually introduce different genetics and limiting our hunts, we are able to build larger trophy animals for you, the trophy hunter. Trophy Bull Elk Hunting at High Adventure Ranch from 6x6 Bulls on up will commonly carry a gross score of 400+.

Typically, we have 3x3 Bulls, 6x6 Royals, 7x7 Imperials, and many larger bulls (8x8+) scoring well over 400.  It is our plan to reduce our numbers this season (September through the end of February) by 50 bulls on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We are the oldest and largest hunting ranch east of Texas with 5 square miles of land and 65 miles of game trails.  All methods of hunting accepted including bow, handgun, rifle, and black powder.

Due to the increasing popularity of Elk meat and our herd management needs, we sometimes offer special discounts on Cow Elk hunts.

For more information on Elk Hunting at High Adventure Ranch, please call (314) 578-4590 or fill out our contact form.

We have a full website dedicated to our Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts, check it out now.