Elk Hunts at High Adventure Ranch Elk Hunts
Home to one of the finest herds of trophy Elk in the United States, High Adventure Ranch has had a 99% success rate for Elk hunts for the last 40 years!
Boar Hunts at High Adventure Ranch Boar Hunts
While Southern Hog and Boar hunting usually requires the hunter to take the first Hog that he sees, High Adventure Ranch encourages our Boar hunters to go for the truly impressive kill. 
Buffalo Hunts at High Adventure Ranch Buffalo Hunts
Our Buffalo hunting area is vast allowing you to stay back, as Buffalos are easily agitated and dangerous when approached closely.
Deer Hunts at High Adventure Ranch Whitetail Deer Hunts
Be prepared for a fair chase! The Deer at High Adventure Ranch are born and raised in a natural environment with virtually no human contact, so these Deer hunts are geared to the seasoned hunter
Red Stag Hunts Red Stag Deer Hunts
High Adventure Ranch is home to some of the most majestic New Zealand Red Stags in the United States scoring from 230 to over 400. If a challenge is what you're after, you've met your match!
Sika deer Hunt Exotic Deer & Antelope Hunts
The Exotic Game hunting adventure at High Adventure Ranch begins with preserving a high-quality herd and trophy bloodlines in a most natural environment.
Exotic Game Hunts at High Adventure Ranch Sheep and Ram Hunts
Our hills are home to a wide variety of Exotic Sheep and Rams that make great trophy mounts.
Waterbuck Hunting African Game Hunts
We also offer a variety of exotic African Game to hunt including various Antelope, Gazelles, and Wildebeests
Veteran Hunting Trip

Active Military & Veteran Hunts
We are proud to have those that serve or have served our country at High Adventure Ranch.

 Wheelchair Hunt at High Adventure Ranch Handicap Hunts
Whether you are handicapped and, in a wheelchair, and need to hunt from a truck or perhaps you can only walk short distances, our experienced guides will assist you out in the hunting field to insure you get that trophy animal of a lifetime or perhaps fill your freezer with venison.
 Youth Hunts at High Adventure Ranch

Youth Hunts
At High Adventure Ranch, we love to get youths involved in hunting and introduce new, young hunters to the challenges, enjoyment, and thrills involved with the sport of hunting.