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Book your hunt by July 31, 2024 and receive FREE total meat processing! We de-bone and vacuum seal the steaks, roasts, chops, and grind the remainder into burger (or breakfast sausage from the Boar) in 2 lb. tubes. All your meat will be stored in our walk-in cooler and/or freezer until your departure.

These all-inclusive hunt package prices include:

  • 2 nights Lodging in a fully furnished, private cabin on the lake or our hunting lodge with scenic views
  • Home cooked meals featuring a variety of game
  • Guaranteed License & Tag to be filled out upon arrival
    • (resident or non-resident with no additional work needed)
  • Full (Private) Guide Service
  • Skinning and quartering of meat
    • (Full Meat Processing is included in our current special!) 
  • Fishing (catch & release)


For a Limited time only! Save 10% off the original animal cost if hunting up to one year out!

Mention code: 10OFF when contacting us for pricing information! Prices below reflect the 10% off discount!

* These discounts are good for only new hunts booked after July 1st, 2024

Below you will find the listed package prices on a variety of our hunts. Please contact us for pricing on all other hunts!

Animal Animal Size  Package Price


Bull Elk  up to 325" SCI $10,495
Bull Elk  326 to 350" SCI $12,495
Bull Elk  351 to 375" SCI $14,495
Bull Elk  376 to 400" SCI $16,495
Bull Elk  Many Larger Class Bulls scoring over 400" Contact Us
for Pricing
Whitetail Buck up to 159 SCI $5,995
Whitetail Buck: 160-179", 180-199" SCI Classes

Contact Us
for Pricing

Whitetail Monster Bucks Scoring over 200"
Red Stag Hinds (Cow) $1,995
Red Stag up to 300" SCI Gold I Medal $7,495
Red Stag "301 to 330 SCI", "331 to 350 SCI", & Many Larger Class Stag scoring over 400" Contact Us
for Pricing

 3 Year Old Bull Approximately 600 to 900 pounds


Buffalo Trophy Bull Approximately 950 to 1,400 pounds Contact Us
for Pricing
Buffalo Record Book Bull Approximately 1,500 pounds and up
Fallow Deer Trophy $4,495
Fallow Deer Record Book

Contact Us
for Pricing

Sika Deer Trophy 3x3 or small 4x4 $3,995
Sika Deer Record Book  large 4x4+

Contact Us
for Pricing

Axis Deer Up to 26 inches $3,995
Axis Deer "27 to 30 inches" & "Over 30 inches"

Contact Us
for Pricing

Blackbuck Antelope up to 19 inches $3,795
Blackbuck Antelope "20 to 23 inches" and "Over 23 inches"

Contact Us
for Pricing


Corsican, 5/8 Mouflon, or Barbarossa with Curl to the bottom of the eye OR Spanish Goat (Catalina) 12 to 14 inches**


Ram Black Hawaiian with Curl to the bottom of the eye**

Contact Us for All Ram Prices

Ram Jacobs Four Horn**
Ram Pure Mouflon**

Texas Dall with Curl to the bottom of the eye**

Wild Boar

Razorback or Russian Boar weighing up to 300 pounds**



Pure Bred Trophy Russian Sow weighing 250 to 400 pounds


Pure Bred Record Book Russian Boar weighing 300 to 500+ pounds



Hunt packages above marked with **include one day of guide service (unless joining as a group)


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