African Game Hunts

With the cost of travel and political upheavals making hunting abroad expensive and sometimes risky, more and more hunters are finding exotic African game hunting at High Adventure Ranch an ideal alternative. Although some hunters initially have reservations regarding a game ranch’s ability to provide a fair chase, the experience of stalking one of these exotic animals over the rugged Missouri terrain proves plenty challenging even for experienced hunters.

Some of the hunts that we offer include:

Waterbuck Hunting at High Adventure Ranch

Thompson Gazelle Hunting at High Adventure RanchWildebeast Hunting at High Adventure Ranch

  •     Sitatunga
  •     Sable Antelope
  •     Impala
  •     Springbuck
  •     Waterbuck
  •     Gemsbok
  •     Thompson Gazelle
  •     Grants Gazelle
  •     Blesbok Antelope
  •     Nyala
  •     Kudu
  •     Eland
  •     Munt Jak
  •     Scimitar Horned Oryx
  •     Grants Zebra
  •     Beisa Oryx
  •     Addax Antelope
  •     White-tailed & Brindled Gnus        (Wildebeests)

 *Other African game is available, but we offer no hunts for endangered species.

All of our hunts are backed by our No Game, No Pay policy, but pricing and availability will vary depending on the species you wish to hunt.

For more information on our African Big Game Hunts, please call (314) 578-4590 or fill out our contact form.