Eric S. - Virginia:

Elk Hunter

"I promised my 14 year old daughter a hunt if she competed in cross country. I had to hold my end of the bargain and found High Adventure Ranch. I spoke with them to book and asked if my father and I could both come as observers and video the entire hunt. They couldn’t have been happier to accommodate us including the dates which allowed her not to miss any school. When we got there, they knew exactly who we were, what we expected, and let us settle in and sight in. After lunch we met our guide, Travis, who got is into elk asap and we found ourselves picking the one she wanted. Once we had the bull identified, Travis got all of walking through the woods and into position within 60 yards where my daughter placed the 7mm08 right where it needed to be to bring a swift kill to a very large bull. Travis was amazing, the crew was amazing, the food was terrific and filling and the lovely lady who cooks is a sweet as the pie she serves. Everyone, including the other hunters, treated my daughter with respect and admiration for abilities in the field. My dad loved it so much, he wants to book his elk hunt for the next year. I can’t say enough about this place, truly an amazing experience. Thank you HAR!!!"



Ronald R's Group - Ohio

Elk & Whitetail (Disabled Veteran)

"I don't know where to start. "Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!!!" If I had a dollar for each time that phrase was said by my dad, my buddy, and myself over 3 days, I could hunt another elk today!!! I teared up as we were leaving; it was a combination of saying goodbye to a great place and new friends, the hunt of a lifetime coming to a close, watching my dad grin like I haven't seen in years, and hunting again with my buddy who I haven't hunted with in years. The trip meant more to me than I could ever put into words!

My father is 80 years old, I am a disabled veteran in a wheelchair, and both my buddy and I are 56 years old. We always dreamed of going out west, but with health, age, and the cost, we looked for a different way. With so many friends going out west, spending a fortune, and not even seeing an elk, we decided that High Adventure Ranch was the way to go.

We were treated so well. Harvested trophies we only dreamed about and were pleased with every phase of the hunt. My guide, Jason, did an incredible job and he treated us all so well. I cannot tell you how special that guy was to me. He treated me like I was his own brother. He helped my 80 year old dad, which is something I can't do as well as I used to. I'm forever grateful that he helped my dad participate in a sport he's loved his whole life, and allowed him to see his son harvest a trophy elk and trophy buck, both from a wheelchair. This was something I was afraid I may never be able to do again. As I said earlier, there are no words.

Jason showed me a beautiful 6x6 Bull elk one size up from what I originally booked, and I gladly got him. What a beautiful animal! As many times as I dreamed about it, nothing compared to the bull going down in front of me. I originally was interested in a whitetail buck, but we only saw 2 the first day while looking for Mikes bull, and they were gone in a flash. I decided that evening I probably wouldn't hunt deer since they were so skittish and it would be hard to get out into my wheelchair.

I told Jason and we all took a ride that morning. No gun, by the way. We saw so many beautiful animals and sights, but no whitetails. Jason kept looking and in a short amount of time saw 3 different bucks that I've seen on magazine covers, but didn't believe existed! I told him he just sold a deer hunt, and after lunch went out, this time with my gun. We found a beauty, and he drove further away to get me out, set up, and above where the deer moved to. From my wheelchair and my tripod my second trophy fell!

The food was outstanding! Doretta and Chrissy fed us with great food! They really were exceptional! Doretta was the sweetest lady I ever met. It goes without saying she is a great cook. Her and her fellow cooks were outstanding!
We absolutely hated to leave!
Thank you all again."



A.R. (Art) Ambrosi, Winchester Ammunition:

Elk Hunter

“I wanted to let you know that I and Toby had a fantastic hunt. This was a special hunt for us and your staff made it one that will stand out in our memories for the rest of our lives…”     Read More


Danny & Tammy R. from Illinois:

Red Stag, Blackbuck, & Ram Hunters

 “Our accommodations were very nice & cozy. David was an outgoing & friendly guide. We both appreciated his experience and knowledge on our hunts. The meals that featured Red Deer & Buffalo were our favorites. We had an awesome experience! Thanks for everything!!!”



Roger & Janet D. - Iowa:

Ram Hunter

"I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I had a great time down at the ranch. Everything went great.

My wife isn't a hunter but I wanted her to come along just to keep me company, and she even enjoyed it down there. We stayed in one of the cabins (#1) and she was impressed how cute it was and set up so well. It was great having our own bathroom, shower, and etc. The kitchen was complete to cook in or store any extra food in the fridge. We actually brought some food with us "Just" in case we didn't like the wild game meals at the Dining Hall. Well needless to say we didn't use any of our food we brought down. All the meals we ate there were delicious, and we had plenty to eat. Hats off to the kind lady that was making all the great meals. She definitely knows how to cook and couldn't be any friendlier, very down home and charming lady. 

We were also impressed at all the different animals we saw. With it being this time of the year, all of the big whitetail and elk have been thinned out but there were still a bunch of younger bulls and cows to see. We also enjoyed seeing so many buffalo, man are they huge. You have a great variety of animals which makes it even more fun to see when out hunting.

We had a super nice guide, (David) he was very polite and professional. He took my wife and I all around the ranch looking at all the different animals that are there to hunt. He took his time with us and explained everything in detail.

After finding the Ram I wanted, and making a clean heart shot on him, we loaded it up in his truck and took it back to the skinning barn where he caped it out for me and cut up and packaged all my meat. As I said earlier, he's a very nice person, and enjoys what he is doing. You have a very good employee there.  

Thanks to EVERYONE down there - - We will be a returning customers.”



Clark K. - Colorado:

Record Book Sika Deer Hunter

“My wife Nancy and I have really enjoyed our stays at High Adventure Ranch. We come to Missouri to visit family, and then down to the Ozarks to do some hunting. Fallow and Sika have been the game of choice, mostly because of their excellent meat quality. Meat processing at your ranch is top notch! 

The food, lodging, guides, and animal diversity are all excellent- hope to return soon, maybe for a try at an Axis with my handgun. ”



Dr. Keim - North Carolina:

Meat Hunter

“I wanted to follow-up with you on the hunt I had this past weekend.  It was fantastic!  Everybody there were wonderful people and they really knew what they were doing!  My guide was Justin (I never got his last name).  He was incredibly good.  I have hunted and fished with many different guides, from northern Montana to the Sea of Cortez, and I have to say that Justin was the best.  He worked his rump off for me.  I was impressed with how wild the game was, so this was a very difficult hunt.  We got the axis doe late in the afternoon on the second day of my hunt but no fallow doe in spite of hunting hard Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  Justin got up early on Sunday and came early to get me on Sunday morning.  We got on a herd early on and I harvested the fallow doe before breakfast just before I had to leave for the airport.  Amazing!  Please tell Justin how much I not only enjoyed my hunt but how incredibly impressed I was with him as a guide....and he is one heck of a nice guy.  Justin's Mom, Doretta, I believe, was a delightful lady and a wonderful cook.  I am originally from the Rolla area but have been gone for over 60 years.  Doretta reminded me of my own Mom.  I really felt like I had come home.  All of the ladies working in the kitchen were fantastic and the food was wonderful.  It was a great experience all the way around!”



Kevin M. – Missouri:

Boar Hunter

“I want to thank you guys for a great time on the Ranch. My friend Chris and I enjoyed our hog hunt with Jeremy. Learned a lot from him and enjoyed seeing the other animals on the ranch. We will definitely be looking to book other trips there......your cook made me feel like I was at my moms house getting a great home cooked meal. Very pleased with my hog I shot! Thanks again for such a memorable hunt.”