High Adventure Ranch Newsletter - September 2013

Red Stag

Missouri Red Stag

The weather in Missouri this Spring and Summer has been excellent and we have an excellent herd of Red Stag. The below picture was taken in June and by mid August they will be hard horned.

Last season we had an excellent harvest with some Stag scoring over 400 SCI. Our package for a Silver Level Stag up to 260 SCI score is $4,044. If you book by September 30, 2013 we will take 10% off the cost of the animal. This brings the price of the package down to $3,695.00.

High Scoring Red Stag Silver Level Red Stag Hunt

Silver Level Stag

And we have many Gold Level and Super Gold Stags that you can choose from.  Maybe you will be lucky to find one like this.

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Bison Hunt

Our Bison herd continues to grow. This year's rain in Missouri has provided the grasses they need. By Fall even the yearlings will have put on the pounds.

Bison herd roaming in Missouri

Trophy Bison Hunt in Missouri

Bison Hunting at High Adventure Ranch


any of our hunters ask what size Bison should they take for a meat hunt. We feel that a 3 year old bull is the best eating. Also with a young Bull you can make a nice Buffalo skin rug. Additionally, if you wanted to do a Skull Mount (which fits better in many homes) you could with a three year old Bull. 

A package for a 3 year old bull with is just $3,795 and best of all you get all your meat. If you are after one for the wall we have them too.

For more information on Bison Hunts, click here.

Elk Hunting

The Elk are hard horned at this time and we hunt the Bulls through the end of February, when they drop their antlers. This leaves you many opportunities to plan your next trip. Our 3 day 2 night packages for a 5x5 Bull Elk with 10% off the animal cost is just $4,695. Our Elk Packages include your lodging, meals, guide fee, Missouri Ranch license, and full processing of the meat.  

Have you been out West year after year looking for that big 6x6 for your den with no success? With the license cost going up and your chances of getting a license going down, why wait? At High Adventure Ranch we can get you a big 6x6 Bull Elk like this.

Trophy Elk Hunting Packages Big Horned Elk Hunt at High Adventure Ranch Winter Elk Hunt at High Adventure Ranch

However, space is limited and last year we had to turn hunters away. A small down payment holds your dates and pricing. Booking now gives you 10% off the cost of the animal and we will fully process your meat for FREE!

Late season hunting at High Adventure Ranch with the snow blowing makes your hunt even more fun. Imagine seeing this Elk walk over the hill just 75 yards from you. You check your scope to be sure it is clear of snow, you wait for a clean shot and it is yours. Not another year driving home without your Trophy.

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Customer Comments

August 2013 - The below letter was sent from one of High Adventure Ranch's hunters to a prospective hunter. Kevin asked if he would share his experience, did he see many elk, what were their sizes, time of year he hunted, etc. 

Hi Kevin,

You should not have any trouble getting a good shot at the Elk you want. I am a 74 year old hand gun hunter and I took a beautiful elk scoring #4 in the SCI book. The food is very good and the cabins are comfortable. The guide will make sure that you get the shot you want and there is no pressure to take an animal. Your guide will tell you the score before your shoot.

Yes, I plan on going back again for something else. Either an Axis Deer or Red Stag. I went in early October and the Elk were still bugling like crazy.

Any other questions, just let me know or call. You will have a super hunt.

J. Jarrett - West Virginia

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Whitetail Deer

It is estimated that ten million hunters go to fields each year in search of that "big" elusive Whitetail Deer. If you are reading this Newsletter you are probably still hunting for your Trophy Whitetail. If your days in the field are spent looking at does and small basket racks - High Adventure Ranch can change that. 

Trophy Whitetail Hunt in Missouri Whiltetail Deer Hunter at High Adventure Ranch

Each year we fulfill the dreams of our hunters looking for that perfect Whitetail.

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Recipe Section

This Newsletter goes to thousands of hunters, many who have hunted at High Adventure Ranch. We are sure many of you have your favorite wild game recipe. It might be for Deer, Elk, Buffalo or maybe Boar.  

If you would like to share your favorite wild game recipe with your fellow hunters, please send them to : bpuff@HighAdventureRanch.com 

If we use your recipe in our Newsletter or online, we will send you a High Adventure Ranch hat. 

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