High Adventure Ranch Newsletter - October 2012

Exotic Deer Hunts at High Adventure Ranch

Axis Deer are native to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  Their coat is pinkish brown, marked with white spots and their underparts are white.  Their coats are known for making some of the finest throws and pillows.

Our Trophy Axis Deer packages start at just $2,895 for one up to 26 inches.  This 3 day 2 night package includes lodging, meals, guide fee, license and if booked this month, we will include FREE full processing of the meat.

Axis Deer are also considered one of the best tasting wild game meats and with the adult males tipping the scales at over 200 pounds, you'll have plenty of table fare for months.

Fallow Deer Hunt at High Adventure Ranch

Fallow Deer are admired for their palmated antlers and make an impressive mount for any trophy hunter.  They are native to Western Europe and Eastern Asia, but have been introduced widely elsewhere.  They exhibit a wide variety of coloration and High Adventure Ranch is home to white, chocolate and spotted species.

Our 3 day 2 night Fallow Buck packages start at $1,795. 

Sika Deer also known as the Japanese deer is a species of deer native to much of Eastern Asia.  They possess a unique horn growth that goes straight up making a very unique trophy for the deer hunter.  Best of all, at High Adventure Ranch we have and excellent selection of Sika Deer with many that would make the Record Books.
Sika Deer Hunting at High Adventure RanchSika Deer Hunts at High Adventure Ranch
For more information on our Exotic Deer,CLICK HERE!


Trophy Buffalo Hunting at High Adventure Outfitter
Trophy Buffalo Hunting in Missouri

Winter is the “Best” time for a Trophy Bull Buffalo

Meat hunters and Trophy hunters both like to come to High Adventure Ranch for Buffalo during the Winter months when their coats are full.  For the meat hunters, Bison meat is not only great tasting; it is also good for you.  Nutritionally, it has more protein, more nutrients, less fat, less calories and less cholesterol than beef.

If you are a trophy hunter looking for a "full skin Buffalo rug", the months of December through March are the prime.  During the Winter the hind quarter will be fully covered with hair vs a Trophy Bull taken other times of the year.  You can see the difference looking at this below picture taken in July at the Ranch.

High Adventure Ranch also has one of the best herds of Buffalo of any ranch East of the Rocky Mountains.  Call today and book your next hunt NOW! 

For more information on our Buffalo Hunts, CLICK HERE!

Vortex BinocularsCongratulations to Mike Durante!!!

This month we held a drawing from all clients booking a hunt in September. We had 52 bookings. Mike was the lucky hunter who's name was drawn.

The Vortex Binoculars are at the Ranch waiting for Mike.  His son is coming in for an Elk hunt in late December.


Doe Special

During the months of Sept. through Dec. you can add a Fallow Doe to your hunt package for just ... $350.00… and if you want the Doe fully processed add $95 to this special. (Note: This special is now expired and is no longer available.)

Hunter Comments

September 2012 - Just to let you know our hunt this past week was fantastic and the High Adventure Ranch was more than expected.  With the amount of animals to see it made the experience exceptional and it will be long remembered. 

The operation is very well managed and the Staff was very customer oriented.  The food (Doretta should make a wild game cookbook) and lodging were great and our hats off to our guide David who knows the animals and can spot them when all I saw were trees.  David also had solid answers to all our questions and knows the animals’ habits inside and out.  I look forward to eating lots of Red Stag and Axis deer over the year.  I hope to get a chance to visit the Ranch in the future for another great adventure". M. Gavin -Virginia

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