High Adventure Ranch - December 2012

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Weekday Special

Looking for something a little different for your Trophy Hunter?  Many hunters say that the Blackbuck Antelope with their spiral horns is one of the prettiest mounts of all.

These 3 day 2 night packages start at $2,495 for a Blackbuck up to 19 inches.  Best of all we hunt the Blackbuck all year at High Adventure Ranch.

Bull Elk Hunts 2012

For the first time in 29 years, High Adventure Ranch sold out all our Bull Elk Packages for the Fall / Winter of 2012 / 2013.  The demand was overwhelming and we reached our quota in mid-October.  We apologies if we were not able to accommodate you.

We are accepting Bull Elk bookings for the Fall / Winter of 2013 / 2014.  Booking before the end of the year, guarantees that we will have the Bull Elk that you are after.  Additionally, if you book now the price will be locked in for next seasons hunt.

Below are just a few pictures of Elk harvested at High Adventure Ranch this Fall.  We hope to put your next trophy in next year’s Newsletter.

Elk Hunting in Missouri Bull Elk Hunt at High Adventure Ranch Bull Elk Hunting in Missouri

For more information on our Elk Hunts, CLICK HERE!

Winter is Great for Buffalo Hunting

The snow is on the ground which means that it is "prime time" to take a Trophy Bull Buffalo.

Buffalo in Winter   3 Year Old Bull Buffalo Hunt
Trophy Buffalo   3 Year Old Bull Buffalo

Would a nice Buffalo rug look good in your den?

Our most popular package is for a three year old Bull.  This package offers the hunter excellent venison to serve to your family and guests.

This 3 day 2 night package is just $3,795 and includes your lodging, meals, guide fee, license and full meat processing if booked by 12/31/12.

(Note: This offer is now expired and is no longer available.)

Cow Elk Hunting in MissouriCow Elk Specials

We are sold out of Bull Elk for this season; however, we still have openings for 12 Cow Elk Packages available to hunt through January 2013.

If you are still looking to fill your freezer with some excellent venison, call us today at 1-877-858-3481!

The Cow Elk package is a 3 day 2 night package that includes your lodging, meals, guide fee, license and full meat cutting for $2,495.00.

For more information on our Cow Elk Hunt packages, CLICK HERE!

Hunter Comments

September 2012 - “Your video does not do your Ranch justice, you need to show the rooms, dining hall and your guides more.  Yes, I know that the animals are what attract people, but I'll come back because of the services, not just the animal”
D. Starkey – New York

October 2012 - This is the second hunt at High Adventure Ranch.  Keep up the good work.  Best place I have been to.  Always a great experience.  I am  ready to come back again.” D. Triplett – Missouri

October 2012 - The older I get the more I rely on the guide.  The hunt was exactly what I wanted.” G. Nelson – Alabama

November 2012 - I took an Elk the prior year at High Adventure Ranch.  I enjoyed the first hunt so much I came back with my son and brother for this year’s hunt.” T.Youker – Minnesota

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